Entrepreneurs at heart

TulaCo combines the scalability of a large organization and the heart of a startup entrepreneur. While we offer robust scaling solutions we focus and care about each partner like a small startup would.
How TulaCo came to be
The story of TulaCo started in 2010 when after founding and selling three successful startups, the founders of the company, Steve and Alex, realized that their combination of experience and engineering was a huge asset to many acquaintances looking to launch or scale startups. They took their battle-hardened team of engineers and started working with many LA-based startups, doing what they'd been successfully doing for many years for themselves.
TulaCo today 
TulaCo evolved very organically. We worked with more and more startups and many mid-large companies. Over time our expertise has deepened, and our leadership teams have been strengthened as people have risen to the top of the company to fill key roles. Today, we unite hand-picked professionals in our headquarters in LA and development offices around Eastern Europe. We are still evolving and maturing as a company but keeping the same laser focus on what we love doing and where we bring the most value.
We’re TulaCo
of our clients come through referrals
It’s in our DNA
Even as we continue to invite more talented people to our team and work with new clients, one thing will always remain unchanged. In our heart of hearts, we are the same entrepreneurs full of grit, curiosity, and a passion for innovation and interest in what we do. This is how we stay true to our passion and keep the sense of who we are and what is innately embedded in our DNA.

We know the precise chemistry of making it happen


We’ve done it before

We use our industry expertise to turn ideas into successful ventures. That's what we have been doing for more than 20 years, first as startup founders and now doing the same for many other companies.

Value fit

We work closely with our partners and are fully invested in our mutual success. We strive to work on projects that we believe will bring value to the market and we put a lot of thought into making sure that the project is a great fit.

Scaling capabilities

We've built a team of hand-picked engineers who are exceptionally talented and equally agile. Our team delivers results whether they are working as a standalone team, or alongside the client's in-house engineers.

Startup heart

While our team grows bigger in numbers, it is thriving with the same positive culture as a small company. It means we are proactive, flexible and take a huge amount of pride in our work.

Meet our leadership team

Denis Belyavsky
People Ops
Vladislav Fedorov
Dev Ops
Alexey Grishanov
Tech Ops
Lars Heimsath
Alex Karelin
Alex Karelin
Vitaly Kuleshov
People Ops
Steve Lackenby
CEO & Co-Founder
Mike Lukyanenkov
Business Processes
Alex Pronin
Maxim Rogozhin
Sasha Shakh