Test Driven Development in ReactJS

Finding my way through Test Driven Development in ReactJS

Testing before coding - that's how Test-Driven Development works, and it can save you a ton of time. This approach involves writing tests that anticipate the behavior of your code before actually writing the code itself. In this article, Pouyan, our Front-End Engineer, shares his journey implementing TDD in ReactJS projects.

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TulaCo x Hank

Hank x TulaCo: Engineering a community for seniors

Getting older shouldn't define our limits. That's what the founders of Hank believe. The platform helps 55+ adults to connect with like-minded people, live a more active life, and make friends in real life. Find out how TulaCo's engineering team supports Hank in developing a community for seniors.

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Access model RBAC in Flutter

Role-Based Access Control in Flutter UI

Access control is a crucial part of software engineering for an app's security and usability. Some software requires only controlling roles, and some - more granular. David, our first-ever Flutter app author, shows how to handle 12 well-known models in Flutter applications. And in this article, he implements Role-Based Access Control on the interface side of apps.

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Distributed teams blog

How to manage distributed teams effectively

Distributed teams are becoming increasingly popular. More and more companies are sticking to this working model, but while it comes with many benefits, managing distributed teams may also be very challenging. In this article, we will review the benefits, challenges, and best practices for dealing with them.

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