Test Driven Development in ReactJS

Finding my way through Test Driven Development in ReactJS

Testing before coding - that's how Test-Driven Development works, and it can save you a ton of time. This approach involves writing tests that anticipate the behavior of your code before actually writing the code itself. In this article, Pouyan, our Front-End Engineer, shares his journey implementing TDD in ReactJS projects.

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TulaCo x Hank

Hank x TulaCo: Engineering a community for seniors

Getting older shouldn't define our limits. That's what the founders of Hank believe. The platform helps 55+ adults to connect with like-minded people, live a more active life, and make friends in real life. Find out how TulaCo's engineering team supports Hank in developing a community for seniors.

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SOLID Open Closed Principle

SOLID principles in React part II - Open/Closed Principle

Pouyan, our Front-End Engineer, continues his article series about implementing SOLID principles in real-life React projects to prevent several issues easily. In the next part, he reviews the second - Open/Closed Principle (OCP) and how developers can apply it to JavaScript projects. 

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Access model RBAC in Flutter

User access model RBAC in Flutter UI

Access control is a crucial part of software engineering for an app's security and usability. Some software requires only controlling roles, and some - more granular. David, our first-ever Flutter app author, shows how to handle 12 well-known models in Flutter applications. And in this article, he implements Role-Based Access Control on the interface side of apps.

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