Supporting DailyKarma's platform launch from the get-go

An e-commerce marketing platform that helps brands connect deeper with their audience by empowering their customers to give back through their purchases.

Quality Assurance
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The Los Angeles-based Startup DailyKarma was founded in 2018 as the response to the growing need for brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level through cause marketing. The founders of the startup had envisioned a product that would enable brands to give back to society and at the same time, increase customer loyalty and engagement through donations and discounts. While the founders of DailyKarma had vast experience in the technology field and startup industry, the main challenge was bridging the gap between non-technical founders and development.
To cover this gap, DailyKarma needed a strong technical oversight, management, and architecture. Previously, we have worked with their CEO on different projects. Having first-hand experience in working with the TulaCo team and the fact that we have local US-based management and architecture was very important for them. So, they approached us right from the beginning of the project. We started working with DailyKarma with a US-based architect, Interim CTO, and a small team of software and quality assurance engineers. TulaCo team built an API server containing business logic to process donations, integrated management UI with Shopify, and developed JS widgets used on stores’ customer-facing sites enabling users to donate.
After one year from the launch, DailyKarma went from 0 to $100K donations in a month. Today DailyKarma has more than 5K store integrations and is processing millions of orders per week. With the involvement of TulaCo, DailyKarma allows brands to choose from 1.6 million charities around the world to support the good cause and with the real-time consumer psychographic insights deliver the right marketing initiatives to grow and increase customer loyalty.
TulaCo has been instrumental in creating our SAAS platform, allowing us to scale to 3000+ brands worldwide. Alex, serving as CTO, has been critical – both from ensuring the platform is future-proofed to creating scalable solutions for our feature requests. Their dedication to delivering a quality platform, on time and within budget is refreshing. There are no “no’s” only “Let’s figure out how’s”. We would not be where we are today without this fantastic team.
Patricia Dao