Building an educational platform from scratch

Educational startup to train first line personnel using automated, interactive roleplay training.

iOS & iPad OS
Quality assurance
Technical management and consulting

Practis is an educational platform aiming to make the training of sales, technicians, customer support, and call center employees more effective and efficient through the patented asynchronous conversational interactive roleplay-based educational solution. After our successful collaboration in past, Practis approached us with the main challenge to build an entire product from the ground. Our team needed to elaborate key product features, kick off development, push the project from scratch to a production-ready system, and maintain and evolve the existing one.


TulaCo provided a large and skilled team of multiple specializations, including technical project managers, back-end developers, web-front-end developers, Android and iOS developers, manual and automation quality assurance engineers, and DevOps engineers. We created two key components of the Practis platform – Mobile apps on iOS and Android, and a web application.

  1. The mobile app allows participants to master interaction skills through spaced repetition of automated, customer roleplay. Through learning science and AI scoring, users can learn how to communicate with clients on the front line and articulate their messaging better.

  2. The web app system allows organizations to assemble and rapidly disseminate talking points to a remote team. With the scenario creator, organizations can easily create scenarios that fit their training needs the best. The platform allows users to keep all the messaging in one place, manage teams and do real-time reporting.

As a result of our 2+ years of collaboration, we created mobile and web portals that allow organizations to train personnel continuously and simultaneously. The app enables them to ensure consistency and determine commitment KPI, rapidly disseminate messaging within a mobile conversation simulator, and increase training effectiveness with the help of AI scoring and real-time analytics. During the project, we increased our development team and launched the product with high billable clients. We are still working with Practis with a roadmap for at least 1+ years of development.